Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Choleric Me? I Guess So :D

I am somewhat guilty to the fun test i just took from the networking website that i saw from a friend's wall. It tests the person if you are choleric or not. But then my result came out that i truly am. I guess i have not much of a choice but to admit. Pretty much of what it says to the photo above are true, and that's really really me.

Good thing i didn't think to be a teacher, which i never dreamed about it though. I have no patience to silly and bully kids. I might get in trouble. I am not saying that my kids were perfect, they can be silly sometimes too and annoying but, what can i do? They are my kids and i love them to the bone! If i will be given the chance to give them the impossible, then i would do it in a heartbeat!

Anyway, enough for that, this is all about me, so i just had a good laugh reading all the things to that photo. LOL! Oh, i can be a really good and loyal friend, but can be nasty enemy like you've never met before if you mess up with me. But then, it only proves that i am a good friend because my real and genuine friends are still my dear friends until now, they stick with me and i stick to them through all these years without a problem, not one bit :D

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