Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Removing Smoke Damage

Oh darn! I almost forgot i was cooking something in the kitchen! Good thing my son told me something is smoking, and i could have burn the whole house! I hate being forgetful now, it sometimes frustrates me knowing that i forget to check on things that i just barely did it. Thanks to my dear son who noticed the smoke! Now, i have to call the team that will replace the smoke alarm. I am sure hubby will be worried soon as he gets home and will find out what happened while he's at work.

Anyway, this incident reminds me of my friend from Texas. She also had the same experience like i had. She was in the bathroom bathing her baby and totally forgot that she has something in the stove. Luckily, her husband came home just in time and was able to turn off the stove, it could have burn their house if no one noticed it. But then there's still smoke marks in their kitchen so they had to search the company that can possibly help them and fortunately they found one, the and called the team that does the removing smoke damage austin. Soon after the team came to their house and took care of the damage. Sometimes being a mother can be so stressful and tiring, doing the multi tasking sure is exhausting and it can be dangerous once you forget to check on the things you are currently doing.

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