Monday, May 9, 2011

Pacman/Mosley Fight

I will assume that most of you saw the fight of Manny "PACMAN" Pacquiao with Sugar Shane Mosley. Of all Pacman's fight that i watched, that was the most boring match i ever saw. Mosley was trying to defend himself by covering his face while Pacman was trying to punch him but too hesitant to get too close to Mosley because Mosley has longer arms than he does.

Anyway, even though that the game was not that exciting for us, we still enjoyed our get together and our sumptuous dinner that we all prepared. We always bring something each one of us for all of us to enjoy and taste everyone's delicacies. I always am excited every time we have gatherings because that's the only time i get to enjoy being outside with my friends.

And of course the picture taking will always be there, lol! Here are few shots of yours truly during the gathering. I only brought my point and shoot camera. These photos are not that good quality since my poor point and shoot is old and soon will be replaced :).


Yasmin said...

You are very pretty.

I did not know you were into boxing,

Anonymous said...

Hot , hot , hot mommy talaga.....ganahan kaayo ko sa imong look.