Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Priceless Blessings I Have

I became a mother when my oldest son came out into this world just around the time when the world celebrated the mother's day in the year of 2005. He was the most precious gift i ever received that year. I still can completely remember what i felt when i first saw and held him in my arms. He was so soft and delicate! I shed tears of joy, and while looking at his angelic face, there were lots of questions back in my mind that i could not answer myself right then. But there's one thing i was thankful that day, my baby came out big and healthy!

I gave birth three times, but as you might know already that my second child isn't with me anymore. So i am now enjoying my motherhood being with my two boys. Though they may be quite different in so many ways and has their own personalities, but my love for them is never been less, i both love them equally and unconditionally. They are my joys and the source of my every strength. They are the reason why i get the privilege to celebrate mother's day every year :) So to all the mother's in the world, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! Not all women are lucky enough to have a child, so enjoy being a mother especially when they are still little, for you will surely miss them soon as they all grow.
My mother's day present :)

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