Thursday, December 15, 2011

Flowers For Me!

Sometimes it is good when the couple gets to have misunderstanding once in a while because that's the only time that the husband gets the idea of courting the wife again, just like when the two were just barely started. My husband is not really a romantic kind of person, he doesn't like giving flowers to me that much because his reason is it dies quickly and his love for me is not like that, it stays forever, haha, how cheesy is that? But seriously, he's a passionate kind of husband, he is one thoughtful husband as well.

Well, anyway, i sulked the other day because of my unpredictable mood swing. Hubby was so confused what did he do to me for me to be upset. He can't even think a single thing that will make me mad at him. I didn't talk to him for a day and because he was bothered, he called the flower shop nearby and the next day i got a delivered flowers!!! It's for me, it's for me! Yay!

So when hubby got home from work earlier, i gave him a sweet kiss and told him there was really nothing he did that made me upset, it was just my mood and probably i am going to have my monthly visit again, since it always comes around this time. And thanked him for the bouquet of flowers he ordered for me. It's not his type of thing but i made him do it because of my mood, haha! How sweet husband i have!

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