Saturday, October 1, 2011

Who Wouldn't Melt To This Look?

Since my first born child goes to school for the whole day, i become more obsessed on portraiture photography. And my model? Of course my very own little one! Just two of us here in the house during the day every weekdays, so he becomes my model almost everyday. He's still a baby and doesn't whine and don't know how to complain yet, although i am seeing it now a little bit. Having a little one in the house, i had no boring days. I always find him so cute on doing some interesting things or maybe talking to me so eagerly although i sometimes can't understand him because he still doesn't talk quite fluent yet.

So instead of lurking behind my blanket on the bed or maybe just goofing around here in front of my computer, I, instead always get my camera ready for every moves of my little one. This photo was taken the other day if i remember it right. He does know how to turn on the television in the front room, so soon as he gets up in the morning, he goes there straight and watch his favorite shows. And this is what i got! Even though i took a couple of snap of him, he didn't mind, he was too focused of the educational show he was watching. Who wouldn't melt with this look? Sure mommy got melted! :)

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