Friday, September 9, 2011

The hardest wedding ring

The question often comes up about what the hardest material in wedding bands is. The truth is both of these precious metals are actually soft compared to the alternative metals. The first alternative metal was titanium. People loved titanium rings. They were lightweight and held up much better than gold. They would still scratch so someone decided they would try to make a wedding band out of tungsten. It turned out great. In fact they took a 6mm tungsten wedding band and tested according to the mohs hardness scale. The tungsten ring came out to be a 8. Not many things are harder than that.

For the longest time tungsten rings were the hardest rings on the market. Then someone figured out how to use zirconium to make a wedding band. Black ceramic rings are actually harder than tungsten. The only problem with them is that you have to like the color white or black because that is the only colors they come in. People have experimented with other colors but they just don’t look right for a wedding band.

So after years of research it looks like ceramic zirconium rings are actually the hardest wedding bands. There are many other types of rings but if someone asks you which one is the hardest you will be able to tell them.


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