Sunday, November 20, 2011

San Antonio Invisalign

It has been one of my dreams is to fix my crooked front teeth. It might not be too obvious in the pictures i have posted here often because i tried to hide it by my cute smile, lol! But when you get to see me in person, i hate smiling especially to the people that i don't really know. I am embarrassed to show them my crooked bad teeth looking. So, i asked hubby if i can have it fixed by wearing braces. And he said that we have to save some money for it because it won't be cheap and also, the insurance will not cover most of the expenses if we'll ever do it.

So, i searched some clinics that does the teeth fixing. And i stumbled into this San Antonio Invisalign. I am just amazed how nice the people's teeth looks after they had theirs fixed in this clinic. I just wished mine would be the same someday. But for now, we have to save some money for it, maybe hubby will take me to the clinic next year so i can have a very beautiful smile and won't be too shy to show my fixed and not ugly crooked looking front teeth :D

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