Friday, May 6, 2011

Printer Ink Cartridges

Hubby is a little disappointed with the new operating system of our computers, the Windows 7. The reason is, he can't install the webcam we have been using since we got the old XP computers we had, also the windows vista. Now that we have this latest operating system, it won't recognize both our printer and webcam. Hubby already tried calling the customer's representative but i guess there is nothing they can do about it, they said that we have to also buy the newer models of the webcam and the printer enable for us to use it. So that's why hubby is upset too about it because these two are still working so well and he doesn't like replacing things when it still works. Anyway, the printer and the webcam are now just decorations in there by son's desktop.

Anyway, speaking of printer, i need to be able to find a cheap ink because a friend of mine asked me if i can do a favor for him. He wants the cheap ones because he prints files and some other things everyday that he needs for his growing business. So having a cheap printer ink will save him some money buying those expensive ones. And he does need it as soon as possible. Good thing i found the best place where he can get the inkjet cartridges that he wants to get. If ever hubby buys a new printer for us, i know now where to get cheap ink cartridges so we don't have to pay much.