Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mini Me American Version

A lot of people said that the little man in this picture above looks a lot like me. Which, i am so happy to know about it because my oldest son definitely doesn't look like me at all. His looks is a lot like his dad's, not to mention their same behavior and attitude. The only difference they have is their skin color and their eyes, but the rest are pretty much alike.

But this little potato of mine is more on me, his looks and his behavior too. Only our difference is our skin complexion, his eyes and hair color. In short, he is my mini me, male and american version lol! Sure our kids are perfectly mixed, the oldest one looks like daddy but brown colored skin, the little one looks like me but lighter skin and the eyes. Though they look different physically, they are our treasures in life, daddy and mommy's happiness and our source of strength.


Anonymous said...

She definitely looks like you---male American version of you.

JASMINE said...

He looks cute. sure!