Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Plus Size Evening Dresses

It's going to be a fun night next weekend! Our friend's daughter is going to turn 18 and the mother decided to have a big party for her princess. So of course we, her friends are all invited for the party that is going to be held soon. This is going to be the first party that i will attend as a debut party. Sadly, i have never had an experience to celebrate my own debut with a planned party that cost such like this coming debut party of my friend's daughter.

Anyway, one of our friends is freaking out because she doesn't even know what to wear. She is kind of heavy woman and is so confused what exactly to wear. So, we her friends helped her looking for the best style and color that would fit her perfectly with her size. She just loved the plus size evening dresses we suggested to her. She has to pick one and can't even make up her mind what really is to get. At least now, she has some choices, and i am glad that she liked all the suggestions we gave her.

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