Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Congratulations My Young Man!

Where did the years go? My goodness!!! Seems like i just barely had my oldest son and now he already turned six years old and also will be graduating in kindergarten tomorrow. It's just telling me that Mommy is getting older lol! Anyway, i am so proud of my son for he did great in his school at the entire school year. In fact he came home last week and handed me with his big o' metal medal that has Master in Reading written to it. I sure am a proud mother of a smart young man. And i should be proud to myself as well for teaching him good things, we both did great, i teach and he learn...

Anyway, i just want to share you these two photographs of my dearest son that i took from my mobile phone. He sure is getting so big and i can't just believe that he is now a young man, not a baby anymore for he doesn't want to be called baby either! So to my smart young man, Congratulations and keep up the good work baby! Oppps, lol! Can't help it, he is still my baby and will be my baby forever, like what i always told him.

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Emzkie said...

good Job MD!! Darl pa add ko aning new blog na ko diri be.


salamat daan ha! gi add na nako ni. =)