Sunday, December 25, 2011

Vacation In Canada

Calgary rentals. I heard this very often to some of our friends who just got back from their fun adventure in Calgary. They said that staying there was their most unforgettable memory of their vacation. The place was just awesome and amazing views where most of the tourists where very impressed. So upon hearing their stories about the place, hubby and i thought that it would be fun as well if we try to go there to the said place.

Although we haven't finalized our plan on going there yet, but we are sure that one of these days, we'll definitely visit the beautiful place like what we always hear from people that have been there before. And besides, both hubby and i have never been to Canada, so we might as well go there with the kids for the very first time. Another exciting trip plan, even though we did not set the exact time and date yet, but thinking about it made me excited already.

Going there will be another family adventure and a fun memory to keep. We do love to travel a lot, and crossing from one country to the other will be my first time to do so, if we'll be given the chance soon. Hopefully, by summer time we can finalize the trip plan, and i am sure that i will be seeing lots of friends who lives there.

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