Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Curling My Hair

There was nothing to do yesterday and i got bored so i thought of trying to curl my hair for the first time. I never tried it before and was so curious what would i be look like if i will fix my hair. Well, i had it curled before if i braid my hair but i rarely do that really. I bought a curling iron but never used it until yesterday. I thought that i just have to curl it with iron and nothing else i should put on my hair but then someone told me that i have to spray my hair before i curl it so it won't straighten back up quickly.

That's what exactly happened to my hair, after few minutes i did it, it wen't back straight, a little curly but not as curly as i would like it to be. Here's the photo of myself last night when i had my hair curled, but not too curled anymore. Actually, i don't look bad at all, do i? I myself is a bit surprised seeing this picture, seems like it's a new me. I might try to find a curling spray next time to see if it really works for me. Honestly, i hate using spray on my hair because i am worried it might ruin my hair. I guess it won't be that bad if i don't use it very often. I actually liked the result, i might try to curl my hair again next time.

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