Friday, December 30, 2011

Baby Sling Carriers

Seriously, i find the baby sling so cute, why? Because the baby is more attached to the one's holding, the baby is well wrapped and looking cozy. It also looks like a fashionable way of carrying the baby with you. Why in the world didn't i learned about this baby sling before when i had my two boys? So darn cute that i would want some now for myself but how am i supposed to use it if i don't have little one anymore? I just wish i still can have baby at least one, but that's not possible anymore since i am already fixed. I only envy to those mothers that just barely delivered their new bundle of joy.

Maybe, this is a good idea to get some pair since i have couple of friends that are now expecting and may pop anytime this year or maybe early next year! I am actually excited for them. I can't wait to see their babies and be able to carry them in my arms. I am sure it will reminds me of my times, during when i delivered my two boys. That's right! I'd better order the baby sling carriers now so when their baby comes, my gift for the new mothers will be all ready. Since i already know the gender of their coming babies, i can now buy it and choose the color i want to get for them to have.

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