Sunday, October 30, 2011

Edmonton Apartments

When a person who loves to travel has been stuck and idle in the house for awhile, shouldn't she or he be bored? That's what i feel right now! Hubby and i love to travel a lot but then his work made him caught to our schedule plan. We have a lot of plans to do but we have no free time because of hubby's work and also our first born child is at school all the time. But! We are so excited to have our holiday vacation this coming Thanksgiving day which is going to be three weeks from now. We already are planning on where to spend our holiday, and we both agreed that we'll go to a place where we both haven't been before, like in Canada.

I asked my friend if she knew some place where we can stay for a week at least. She insisted that we just have to stay in their place because they have a big apartment unlike the others. She even showed me through her pictures how big their apartment is. She is just as excited as i am. We both can't wait to see each other again. She said that we'll surely enjoy our stay in their place. Edmonton apartments is one of the most excellent apartments in their place and that's why they chose to get an apartment for themselves. Oh, i can now just imagine what it is going to be like when we get there. I am sure we are going to have lots of fun and talking, lol! Anyway, also, i am excited because hubby and i will be both first timer to enter Canada and so as our kids.

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