Friday, July 8, 2011

Yes, My Hair Is Real

These photos were taken last 4th of July right before we went to the park to witness the beautiful fireworks display which i took some of it and posted in my photography website. I was testing my remote control making sure everything works so i can use it to do the fireworks photo shoot.

Anyway, as we walked by the park, i passed by a lady and kinda yelled at me and asked me if my hair is real. So i joked and told her that my hair is fake. And she said she doesn't believe me, so i replied "why bother asking me then?" She said that my hair is beautiful and she wishes that her hair is like mine. I was gonna tell her not to spray her hair to death so it won't be frizzy and brittle. But i kind of bit my tongue not to say it because it might sound like i am rude to her. So i just thanked her for her sweet comments to my hair.
Self portrait. Testing my remote control...Simply me :)

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