Sunday, May 1, 2011

One Less Mess To Worry

Indeed kids are different and has their own personality soon as they come out in this world. My two boys are so different in many ways. The oldest one is a lot quieter and a serious type, unlike his little brother is more aggressive and bully. Not only that, the oldest one doesn't really make a mess during when he was just a baby, but this little potato of mine loves to make a mess all the time. Yes, that's right, he loves to make a mess and get into things that he's not supposed to. That's why i can never keep the house clean and tidy.

He never miss not one corner of our house. Even in the kitchen he likes to hang out and bang those pans and its lids there. Our cabinets is below the sink so it is easy for him to just turn the door and get into the pans and makes so much noise, and of course scatter them all over the kitchen floor. So i told hubby that we need to put away those pots we have where our little one can't reach it no more. Hubby said that the best we can do is to have the enclume pot racks where we can hang them and it will be out of his reach. Good thing that only pots he can reach, we made sure that he won't be able to manage to get into the sharp things like the knives.

This enclume potracks is such a perfect idea in our kitchen to have. I am just a little annoyed and sick of keep putting back all those pans and pots back to where i put them and later on finds out that my little one got them all out again, and again, and again! Ugh! So tiring isn't it? And not only that, not to mention he's got all over the house to mess up. Soon as we get the enclume pot rack, it will be one less mess for me to worry about :D

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