Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Very Simple Man

Speaking of gift, my husband's birthday is coming up soon! I always have trouble looking for a gift to give to my very thoughtful husband. I guess i am really bad when it comes to giving gift to my man. Good thing that my aunt gave me an idea on what to get for him. She said that she found a site where to get perfect gifts for a man like my husband. And that's where she buys things for her man as well, since we have the same kind of husband, they are tall. These big and tall jeans would be a perfect one to give.

My husband is not very particular on what to wear. He likes wearing whatever i give him. So, that is why i always make sure that i will give him the best so he'll be looking good wearing it. He's the kind of man that is very ordinary, very simple and not fashionable. And since i came to his life, he told me how much he has changed, from his character up to his mood and lifestyle. It makes my heart sing whenever he tells me that over and over. And i am happy that i am making my man happy more than what i thought.

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