Friday, August 12, 2011

His Second Dentist's Visit

My oldest son had his dental appointment the other day. He was so hesitant to go with us during his first time for he thought the Dentist would hurt him. I have no idea why kids thinks that when it comes to cleaning the teeth, it is painful and unbearable. That's what my son told me that it might make him die if he goes to the dentist's clinic to have his teeth cleaned, for it sure will hurt him, lol! That's what on my mind too when i was his age, sure kids has the same thoughts!

Anyway, he again has another two cavities. His previous visit was bad because he has to go back there after a week so the doctor can fix his seven cavities. The doctor put filling on to his molar teeth. I thought that the doctor would just let it go because my son still has the baby teeth, it will go bad and the permanent teeth will come out. But no, he fixed it. And his last visit was another two cavities, he has to go back next week again for it. I am just glad that he's not that scared anymore like he was before. The clinic sure does know how to tickle kids, so they won't get scared and enjoy visiting the clinic every six months.

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