Friday, November 18, 2011

Logo Mats

Sure my boy is growing so fast! He's now aware of lots of things that he wants and what he doesn't want. Also, he can be demanding sometimes, which we, his dad and i doesn't put up with it if he's asking too much. We often grant his wish because he deserves it, he gives us always a good report from his school that always make us, (his parents) happy and very proud of him. Well, anyway, he asked me the other day if it would be alright to go at his classmate's house across the street for few hours, so i just let him go and let him enjoyed the day after he got home.

Soon as he came back home he was all so excited when he told me that his classmate's room has logo mats right by the door in his room. Of course he was telling me that because he himself, wants one too for his room. So i told him he should tell it to daddy and not to mommy so his dad can buy it for him. The spoiler daddy told me to find that mat online soon after our boy begged him with smile. Oh well, it's not a toy at least, so i am okay with it really. He wants it because he wants to put his name in the mat, which i find it so cool as well. Maybe i should order one for us and for the little one too, how about that? :D So we all can have our logo mats each in our doorsteps.

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