Friday, November 18, 2011

Nursing Scrubs

Don't you find it cool going to a clinic and seeing nurses and doctors wearing a fun and cool designed scrubs? I find it neat! One thing about it is, the kids are not that scared anymore like i was during my younger days. I can still remember those days. Whenever my mom takes me to the clinic, it scares the heck out of me because for some reason i thought those medical people will hurt me, by poking me needles and everything.

Anyway, nowadays, they are the most fun and cool people because of their uniforms. Also, the fact that most nurses and doctors now are way friendly and fun to talk to. The scrubs they wear that i saw in are just awesome! Especially now that the holidays is coming, they are wearing the Christmas designed scrubs. I have been to many clinics, like my eye doctor's clinic, my dentist clinic, but my physician's clinic has the most coolest designed nursing scrubs they're wearing. Sure the color and design can catch someone's attention, especially to the kids.

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