Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's Not The Price, It's How You Wear It

I am actually not so impressed with branded clothes, make up kits, shoes, purses, bling blings and etc. For me, it doesn't matter if you are wearing or carrying expensive/cheap kind of things, as long as you know how to wear/carry it yourself. I myself is not an obsessed expensive or branded shopper. For me, i would rather buy cheap kinds with also has fairly good quality, than to buy those ridiculously expensive ones. Such like clothes, make up kits, and shoes. Those are just few things i noticed that most women would be dying to have, and i am not exempted to the women i am talking about.

Anyway, most of my stuff are cheap, only few things i have that i call it pricey. Such this picture below. The top and the bottom i am wearing are very affordable. In fact, i just barely bought the knitted top at wetseal for only four bucks. Can you believe that? And i love it! It was actually a summer clothes sale during the time i strolled the mall with my friend, and wetseal had their 5 items for 20 bucks sale. So for me it was a way pretty good deal. And speaking of sale, you can usually see me at the clearance sale items isles. I always go straight there before anywhere else.

So you tell me, does the price matter? Sometimes it does though, i must admit. But then, i can tell you, mostly, the price doesn't matter at all. As long as you know how to wear and carry it beautifully, then, you are good to go. Also, the make up i was wearing in this picture are just those that you can find at walmart. I don't buy expensive ones, that's a real no to me (except my lipstick which is LANCÔME, a gift from my bestfriend). You can always look fabulous in your own way, you just have to know what style that fits you perfectly. And here's mine, this is my style and my points of view :D


iortizvictory said...

You are a very wise woman Darl and you sure do look nice with any kind of clothes. With make up, I think I would go for the nice or of high quality ones just to be really safe. I heard that kanang mga cheap ones usually naay lead paint or something like that sa ilang mga ingredients gigamit which is really harmful to our body.

Utah Mommy said...

I guess Lor'eal brand are not too bad. They are not as expensive as MAC or whatever make up kits some women are bragging about. I am happy with it so far, and they also have good quality with their make up kits :)