Sunday, July 24, 2011

Disappointed At The Concert

I was honestly disappointed when i got to the concert field last Saturday where the Night Ranger, Foreigner and Journey performed because i was really hoping that my DSLR could go through, but i failed! I already asked my friend who told me about the concert if the place will allow people to bring professional cameras inside since i already had an experience the first concert i went to (my DSLR didn't get through), which was the Air Supply in Wendover, Nevada.

So, i had no choice and went back to the parking lot and put the camera in the car. I had no other camera with me but the phone, which is not a very good one for it's only 3mp plus the fact that there's no special features to it. Anyway, this picture i have below was taken at my friend's house. I was so anxious and excited but was so dismayed when i saw the big sign by the entrance of the field, telling people, cameras that has detachable lenses are not allowed inside (professional cameras, DSLR). But i still am glad i went because i had fun with my friends. We enjoyed the night despite of my disappointment.
Excited for the concert

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