Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sad Author

Good morning fellow bloggers and visitors! It's a beautiful Tuesday isn't it? I am just happy today because GOD gave me another day to live and to spend with to my family and friends even though sometimes problems comes to our lives,still i am grateful. I just sent money to my mother yesterday so she can see the doctor for her swollen half body. She had been suffering for several days and she didn't tell me about it, instead my brother did. When i asked my mother she answered me that she doesn't want me to know her situation because if i do i'll get worried and cry. In fact, i did soon as i knew. I just couldn't help it, i cried and cried last night because i cannot see what's really her situation is. Anyway, i sent her money hope she will get better soon and i told her that she will tell me what will be the Doctor's findings why is her half body is swollen and in pain. In times like this, how i wish i could just go back home right away and manage things myself so i can settle down. I get panic everytime my family is not in a good condition or there's problem. Hope everything will be back to normal as it is before to my family. I love my mom and i just couldn't imagine if something might happen to her and i am not there, i hope not.


jennyr said...

so sorry about this Darlz, I hope she will get well soon! I know how you feel, it's tough being away from our loved ones and hopefully soon, we can have them around us...nearby! Praying for her health!

♥Shabem-®♥ said...

Just pray lang Darlz. Hope nag sulti cya earlier no para ma check up dayon ang reason dibah. I know it's sad when our loved ones are sick. Thanks God for the blessings everyday in your family and you're able to help out.