Friday, November 9, 2007

Aquamarine Gemstone

Can you believe it? This is really my gemstone because i was born in the month of March and my gemstone is Aquamarine. But i was surprised when i answered all these survey questions on this, it turned out that Aquamarine gemstone is really meant for me. I don't have jewelries that has a Aquamarine gemstone in it yet, i always looked for Aquamarine gemstone in the jewelry stores and it's very expensive, so i guess i can own that Aquamarine jewelry if i win a lottery or some reality show in televisions lol!

Your Gemstone is Aquamarine

Intuitive, tranquil, and trusting.
You inspire others to have faith in themselves.


TEEBOB said...

My birth stone is gemini

Ivy Sterling said...

mamu kawaton ko ni ha..bahala na suko ka aheheh

Heart of Rachel said...

This is my birth stone too. What a nice coincidence.

I have an an award for you on my blog. :)