Friday, November 9, 2007

Salty Egg, Anyone?

This is what i had earlier. I have not eaten this salty egg for quite sometime now that's why i ate some today. I really love salty eggs and who doesn't? If you are a true blooded Filipino, you cannot resist the taste of one of the famous salty egg originally made from Philippines. I have been craving this food since it's one of my favorite quick and easy to prepare viand. If i am too lazy to cook something because we're just three of us here, i just cook Filipino food once in a while. So anyone, would you like some of my viand this morning? Oh! i forgot, good morning friends! Have a blessed Friday morning!


Ivy Sterling said...

oist mamu pagka lamia ana oi ga tulo akong laway diri usa na ka taro bwahaha. hmmm ug naay subra ipa fed-ex ha? ahehehe

♥Shabem-®♥ said...

Lami-a ana Darlz uy ako pod today ga luto ug spicy noodles. Ako unya to i post later. Ga munch pa ko here then type2x pod ginagmay hehehe... perti uy.
Tuod ka how's your PR ang ako kay miubos man uy PR2 nalang ron. Mao gilaay ko today ug pang hunt.
Have a great weekend Darlz!

jennyr said...

lud-an ko ani sa Pinas bah! pero karon sus! nahan kaau ko!hehehehe!btw, added pod diay ni sa new domain nko, palihug sad ko add nganhi sakong domain darlz,thanks!