Monday, January 31, 2011

Looking Forward To Yoga

If i would choose am exercise or me, i would surely get the Dahn Yoga. You know why? It is a kind of exercise that both physical and emotional will get to work. I like this one because i have noticed myself lately that i am stressed with all these things that is happening to me. It's not that i am stressed with my family, i am just stressed with the things i need to do and accomplish everyday, house chores is the most. The daily routing is just makes me tired that's why i feel like i am restless everyday. Not to mention that i have to take care my little one which is very a handful boy.

Dahn Yoga basics is the most easiest exercise for me to do since i don't have much of a patience when it comes to working out such as using those hard metals ones, lifting some weights and other things to make my figure to look more physically fit. And, i have been reading about Dahn Yoga on how it actually works to person that will do it. I must say that this is the kind of exercise i am looking forward to do, very calming and easy, meditation is there too that will make the mind more stress free and worry free as well.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Wise Shopper

Every after the Christmas day is over, i never miss the time to go and shop for all the Christmas sales items for the stores are always trying to get rid of them by having a huge sales and mark those Christmas decorations and some other things into 50% or maybe 75% off. So when that time comes, i always look forward to get some good deals ornaments, maybe some other things and of course the Christmas Cards to send it to my beloved family and to my good friends. It's not that i am being cheap, let's say that i call myself a wise shopper. Why should i pay the original price if i can just wait soon as the Christmas will be over and buy the things that i would like to get for just a third of the original price. Now, you tell me, isn't that being a wise shopper? I do that all the time and it saves me a lot of cash in my pocket.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My New Beautiful Lappy

My new lappy
After bucketful of tears i shed because my little one broke my old laptop, hubby finally got me a new one and it's really beautiful! I was gonna get the 15.6 inch one but unfortunately they don't have it in the store, they have to order it for me. But then since hubby saw this big one and liked the specs in it, he said that we might as well get this and it's the best deal we found so far in that store. So this is what hubby got for me and i am so happy that i have a new one.

I promised myself already that no one can dare touch this lappy of mine, especially the little one for he always find ways how to destroy things. I just can't have him break this new one, never again would i let him lay his hands to this new one i got. So hubby bought me a desk for it so i can hide it after i use it, there's a board under to that desk where i can keep my lappy safe from my little monster here in the house. I love my new lappy, it's beautiful, isn't it?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Drama Comedy Movie

Ever since i registered to this website where i can watch a whole lot of movies for just a very affordable price, i can't help myself anymore from watching movies everyday. I guess my reason is, first i am making my money's worth and secondly i love watching movies especially when it's drama comedies, sci-fi and mainly for kids movies. Anyway, the other day i watched this movie about the couple that couldn't have a child. The guy was working at Structured Cabling Contractor as an engineer while the woman has her own perfume business. The man's job was pretty interesting because the company does some fiber optic installation and they are also a data cabling installers.

But the problem to the couple are both busy so they both can't find time for each other to be just a couple and be with each other more. Although they tried their best but still they always failed. So, the woman entrusted her business to her best friend so she and her man can have more chance to make a baby. While the man is doing his best as well although he is very busy with his job. It was a pretty interesting movie indeed and as expected the ending was they finally got the baby and not just one, but they got triplets instead. It was a happy ending like usual, but the whole story was awesome for me.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Valetines Is Almost Here!!!

Do i smell the month of the heart here now? I definitely do! When i went to the store yesterday i already saw some chocolate candies that are wrapped nicely with hearts containers. Well, valentines day is not that far anymore, it will be two more weeks and married couples or maybe lovers will be celebrating it so soon. As for hubby and me, we don't have a plan for it yet, and besides, we don't really go out every valentines day. He doesn't even give me some flowers, his reason is, it is because flowers dies, but his love for me will never die, it is forever, lol!

I somewhat agree to my husband though. Flowers are only good and beautiful when it's freshly bought, but wait for a day or two and it will start its beauty to fade off and die. So, instead of buying me things like that, he instead take me out with our kids and will have a good family dinner. That way, we get to enjoy our quality family time and we spent the money for food as well. Isn't that being so practical? I guess so. So, i am assuming that mostly couples are now planning ahead for their valentines dates? Or maybe a boyfriend has something special ready to give for their loved ones. Valentines is almost here!!!

New Lamp For My New Lappy

I am so happy that hubby bought me this new laptop. It's bigger than my old one and it's definitely latest! Since i just barely got it earlier from the store, i am still trying to get used to it for it is absolutely different from my old broken one. Hubby got it for me yesterday and we left it there in the store so the geek people can set it up for me and it will be ready for me to use. A lot of friends and family teased me to just leave this laptop again out in the open so my little one can get into this laptop again and break it, lol, that won't happen anymore, no way! So before we got this laptop, hubby also got me a small desk where i can permanently put my laptop and put it under it if i don't use it.

Anyway, aside from that, my friends and i stopped by at Home Depot. I bought a nice lamp out there for me to use whenever if i don't need the flourescent light. It was a nice and a good one i got, also the price of course is really a great deal because, aside from it is just affordable, i was able to use a home depot coupon code as well. So instead of paying the original price, i only paid almost just a one third of it. So, it made me happy that i shopped there for my new lamp to use it if i am here doing my blogging.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby Hungry Me

With all my friends's posts in their walls at the networking websites about their newborns or maybe getting pregnant, it makes me feel like i want to have another baby again. My youngest is only a year old but then i can't cuddle him in my arms anymore without throwing a fit on me like i used to when he was just barely born. He now likes to run around and do his own things like playing. I want a newborn so bad that i can always hold in my arms and just keep on sleeping and sleeping and wakes up if she is hungry or wet and need her diaper changed.

When i took my five year old son to his school yesterday, he mentioned that he wants a new baby in the family. So i answered him that we do have his little brother as our baby. But he said that he wants a baby sister in the family because our little Deanne is no longer with us, he wants to have a sister. There are times that i regret that i decided i tied myself, but also thinking of all those risks i had gone through, it always reminded me that i should not wish for another one anymore or my poor kids won't see me anymore.

I talked to hubby about it if we can adopt a baby girl and he answered me a hard NO. He said that first, big possibility that if we apply for an adoption, our application will be denied because we already have kids of our own, there's lots of couples out there that don't have kids yet and wanting to have at least one. And secondly, it'll be hard for me to start all over again, to wake up in the middle of the night, and to take care of the baby. Well, i don't mind all those really, it's just the bearing and giving birth part is the most hard part for me. If hubby said NO to my idea, then his words will be respected by me. I was just hungry for a newborn that i want to have my own again.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Time In Florida

Florida, that's the first state here in America that my seaman brother went to. The ship where he works docked over there and they are all happy that they got the chance to roam around nearby the dock port. He was all excited when he chatted with me and told me that they went to a lot of places, stores and the beautiful beaches out there. Since that they don't have personal vehicle service, they hired someone to take them anywhere they want to, which saved them some dollars because they shared all of them for the fare.

Anyway, he also mentioned to me that soon if he gets the opportunity to work there in Tampa Bay, he would love to own a house and of course a car. He said that the van they hired took them to a car dealer store in Tampa used cars. That's where the owner of the van got his vehicle and suggested them that if they want to get a car, they should go there instead because the service is just so great that every customer would want to have. He also showed me their video blog and i must say that indeed the store is the perfect place to get used cars because they are offering such good deals.

Well, i told my younger brother that who knows, his dream might come true and will get that opportunity he's been wishing for, to live in Tampa and have his family of his own with their lovely house so we can sometimes visit them someday. He said that if ever his wish comes true, he would like to have a big o' truck for himself, which i think is very typical for men to get those kind of personal vehicles.

Good Shopper Me

Winter sale will be all over the stores soon, winter is almost over and i can't wait to shop for some winter clothes for me, for my hubby and most especially for my boys clothing. My five year old son's clothing can't be worn by his little brother anymore for most of it are ripped off and worn out. So this coming winter sale, i have to make sure that i will be shopping a little bigger sizes for both of them so the clothes will be just as perfect when the next winter comes for them to wear.

I love to shop when the items are all marked clearance sale or even half price off, not that i only get to save some money, also i get to pick some good deal with good quality. So why should i pay for the original price, if i can pay it less and just have to wait for a little bit while enable for me to have it. I am a very practical shopper, i don't just have to go and run to the store and buy everything that i want even though the price is gonna drown me. I have been a wise shopper ever since and learned even more how to be a good shopper every time i shop with some good quality clothings that are on holiday sales.

Helping Them Somehow

It is really difficult for a couple to start a new family of their own especially when they have kids. I knew some families here in town that are worrying too much about their debts. Although they are trying to pay their bills in time and working so hard to meet their ends but still seems like they feel like they are chasing after the time due to of some of their bills has high interest such as their credit cards. So, i suggested them to take a look at the so they will be helped with their finances.

I shared it to the couple that are the closest to me the best site that i found here on the net that can help them to their debt consolidation. They do need to consolidate all their debts so it won't be too much for them to pay every month. It will help them to consolidate their credit card debt into low payment monthly, it also will help them to teach the budgeting techniques, to get their finances under control through credit counseling and most of all, they will be able to pay off their debt quickly while saving thousands of dollars because they have reduced interest.

I know they do need help and sharing them what i knew is somehow a help for them, because through this, it will be a big help for them them save some of their savings trying to pay off their bills with high interests. Now they don't have to worry every month so much, for they are going to have the low interest bills.

I Want My Baby Sister Back

It was around past six o'clock in the morning when i heard my five year old son crying in his room and got up heading to my room. He was crying still when he came to me and hugged me, i thought he probably just had a bad dream that made him cry and woke him up. But i was so surprised when he told me that he wants his baby sister back! So i asked him why? He said because he miss her and he just simply wants her back. I was speechless and don't know what to say for i cannot find words myself to comfort him for i myself felt so sad when he said that to me. I knew for sure he dreamed about his baby sister and woke him up sad knowing that his baby sister is not with us anymore.

I composed myself and told my son that she is watching us and although we did not see her, she is with us all the time protecting us from harm or any other danger that might come. But my son did not listen to me, he wants her back physically that's what he meant. He said he cannot see her and he wants to hug her. That, made my heart melt, i cried, because i do miss my daughter too, more than much as my son misses her, but there's nothing i can do to bring her back alive.

My heart broke when i saw my son so sad and telling me how he misses his baby sister so bad. He was only three years old when she passed away, and i did not expect him to remember all that but he actually did. My son must have a good memory like what i used to have. He always tells me stories the things that he remembers what happened almost three years ago. He even remembered that i passed out and he grabbed a glass of water for me when his baby sister died. I cannot explain how i feel right now, my son is really something, he always amazed me everyday, not just because he is smart, it is also because of his amazing sharp memory.

Cheap Printer Ink Cartridges

When hubby and i decided to buy my youngest brother a new printer ink machine for his business, we thought that the machine we got for him has the most cheap ink cartridges, so it can be easily replaced and not so expensive. But then when my oldest brother arrived there in our country from his work oversea, he bought his own printer for business purposes, hubby and i learned that my brother got the most good deal printer machine instead, because the cartridges are very affordable than the cartridges of the printer machine we bought.

Anyway, i am so glad that the family business is growing even though it only started few months ago. The business is located close to the college university that's why it's working as great just like what we expected it to be for the students goes there every time they have some home works that are needed to finish or maybe just playing their favorite online games. About the printing, the machine is always busy which is really a good sign that the business has progress. My brother is happy that his machine is starting to make good money everyday. He is looking forward to buy another new printer machine to put it there again in the business, and he said that he will buy the machine that has the same inkjet cartridges just like what he bought the first time.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Most women are obsessed with diamonds, and i must admit i am one of them. But so far, all i got right now in my collections are white diamonds, never had a black diamonds yet. In fact i have never seen one yet not until a relative announced that she is getting married to her best friend for a long time. We are so happy for her, we can just tell how happy she is that their friendship will be ended into marriage. She showed her Black Diamond Engagement Ring to us during the formal announcement, and when i searched it online, i was so impressed how beautiful her engagement ring is. I did not really looked at her finger so close for i was so embarrassed for i am not that close to her really. Also the price is not that cheap, but it's worth it though because it is indeed a beautiful ring.

Repair Your Bad Credit

Mostly the people's problems here is their financial status. Some of them are not too concerned about using their credit cards that's why they end up broke because they used it so often and will be surprised and realized they spent too much than what they are supposed to. Hubby already told me about it, to keep track of my credit balance of my credit card and i should pay at least the minimum payment every month so my account won't be overdraft.

People that has credit cards problem can find some help to credit repair service for them to have their credit issues settled. The Credit People can help those who are badly in debt enable for them to recover their financial status back to normal. They can help you to Repair Your Bad Credit so you won't end up feeling like you are digging up your own hole to bury yourself in debt. Company like this is really a big help for you, if you need assistance regarding to your financial issue, then you must not think twice and click the link i have provided above to learn more about it on how to solve your big problem. I am glad that hubby is always reminding me about this matter, because i sometimes forget that i do need to keep track on my account.

Feeling So Blessed

That's right! I do feel so blessed all the time! Even though that there are times i feel down it is just because mainly due to the depressing weather we have here. It's cold and bitter and that makes me feel so depressed for i cannot go out with my kids and do some fun activities with them. But aside from all that, i always feel blessed having my beautiful family and my ever loving husband. He's always there to comfort and love me, always ready to give him his big warm hugs and kisses to calm me down and ease the hurt inside me.

It was the other day when my little one finally broke my laptop, he dropped it for the last time and made the screen shattered. It made me so sad because i have that laptop for quite sometime already. It was looking brand new still until my little one started to touched it. He dropped it several times and took some buttons off of it too. At first when he did that, i tried to put some buttons back and was able to do it but the buttons were not working anymore like it supposed to, i have to push them really hard enable for them to work. Some were not working anymore at all.

And now, that i don't have it for i can't use it anymore, hubby said that he will get me a new one. That made me so happy for i cannot just keep on borrowing my son's desktop for he plays his games here and also watch his favorite shows and movies. Hubby already told me that he is going to replace my laptop before christmas time, but i just told him that i don't need it right then for my laptop is still working, and i also don't want my laptop being replaced just like that for i am very attached to my laptop already. Also the other reason is, i have all the files in there and i am used to it for i don't have to remember all the passwords for it's all saved to that laptop. Now, i don't have much of a choice but to let hubby get me a new one.

I do need to have my own personal laptop, i blog almost everyday and i do some other important things online too, that's why i need one for myself. If not because of my great destroyer here in the house, my laptop would have been still so looking nice and working just as great like brand new. But all i did was scream and cry after i saw my laptop dead on the floor. What can i do? He is just a baby and don't know what he just did. So, next time soon as i get my new one, i will never let him touch my laptop anymore, not anymore.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Photo Shooting Plan In The Park

I can't wait to have the spring season! I am so looking forward to it! Aside from being so anxious and excited to photo shoot some blooming flowers in the garden or maybe in the park, also, i am planning to photo shoot some of my friends soon as the weather gets better, not bitter cold. I am so bored and feel depressed at times because of this nasty weather we have right now, just too cold, freezing and not so inviting outside to have some fun.

A friend of mine and i agreed that she will take me to the park where i have never been yet, so we can do the photo shooting over there. She said that the park is very beautiful for it is filled with lots of different kinds of gorgeous flowers during the spring time season. She also mentioned that there is a place there where there's wooden arbors that we can use as the place to do the photo shooting. That made me even more excited because i can now imagine how will the photo shooting of ours will come out, knowing that garden arbors will add more drama to the photos when the subject is there.
Both my friend and i are excited for this plan of ours, we'll be using those arbors in the park as props to the photo shooting to add more beauty to the photos i am going to take while she is in there leaning on it or maybe standing by there. I do hope so that this photo shooting will come out as good as what i am thinking it would be.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hanging Out Inside The House

One of the things i like to put in my kitchen if ever we will move to a new house, is to have a wine glass rack. It always fascinates me whenever i see a house that has it. Looks so elegant and also it is a good idea to have one if your friends come over to your house so often. My kitchen place right now isn't that so big to have some kind of glass racks. That's one thing i told about to hubby, it will be nice if we'll have one like that to our new house, so my friends who like to drink wine can just easily grab a glass by the rack.

A friend of mine has it already in her place, and it's from her where i got the idea about it. Although i don't drink wine and so as hubby, but i still like to have one in house soon to be house. There's a lot of changes i want to have if ever we get a new house, i want a bigger space for the living room and a special place where my friends and i can hang out and do some fun things like watching our favorite shows, movies, dancing, singing and playing games.
I will probably put a hanging wine glass rack out there so my friends can easily grab a glass while we are there. I like having fun more on inside with my friends especially during winter, rather than going out to the mall or maybe go see a movie. It would be just nice if we can just keep ourselves warm inside our house while having fun and at the same time, will be able to save some bucks by just buying ingredients of the food we like to cook while drinking our punch or maybe their favorite wines.

Perfect Quality Tarp

Finally the tarp that my brother requested from me is now in his internet cafe building. He's been so anxious to receive that and when he finally got it, he is very happy and he put it right away on the side of the internet cafe to protect the glass window from the sunlight. He first bought a blinds but still the sun gets inside the cafe and got him decided to asked me if i can buy him the blue tarp to cover the whole side of the sunny window. The building is facing where the sun rises and it hurts his back during noon time because he sits against by that window.

Now that he got the poly tarp covered on that side, he is happy because it also helps the air-conditioning unit to cool down easy because the sun is not directly hitting the window anymore, unlike before. Also, it is a lot more nicer he said because the place gets a little dimmer which the kids like it the most so they can see the monitor better playing their favorite online games and not get blinded by the direct sunlight. His problem is solved and he also glad that i bought the tarp for him, the quality is just perfect and it's really thick tarp that can stand the heat of the sunlight.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Honestly Mad

Great! I am very upset right now because my laptop's keyboard doesn't work well anymore. Some keys are wrecked and some are still working but i have to push them really hard enable for the keys to work. My little monster dropped my laptop again yesterday for countless times around, and he took off some of the keys, that's why it doesn't work anymore like it used to. I was having a hard time to put them back on and the others probably were not put properly because i am no expert to this in the first place. All i could do is scream so i can let my anger out because my little one almost broke my laptop.

I do need a new one but i don't have enough budget for that yet. I am waiting for my husband to buy me a new one but it sounds like it won't happen, so i will just probably save my own little income to buy myself a new one. I really need a personal computer because i do my blogging almost everyday and i can't have our desktop because it runs so slow. Arggggh!!!! Thanks to my little one for breaking my laptop! He surely did a great job!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Everyday Is A Busy Day

Are you looking for a vitamin supplement that will fit your needs? You probably was looking for something like what you can find here, just click here and you will see lots of different kinds of vitamins that you might need. Especially for women that are always on the go and so busy doing their chores, taking care of family like me, we surely needs some vitamins enable for us to get more energy to do everything that we are supposed to. Like me, i am a very busy woman in the house for i have two boys to take care of plus all the house chores are all mine, and sometimes i just realized at the end of the day that i am tired. Vitamins can help me going and give me more energy that i need for the whole busy day of my life and that's everyday.

Looking For A Best Way

If this slimming body wrap works to a lot of people who tried it, i am sure it will do the same to me. I am just tired of trying to get rid of this belly fat i have. This body wrap will surely help me how to cut all those unwanted fat that i have to some parts of my body. I know there are lots of ways how to chop those fat away, and i am desperately looking for one best way so i can apply it and will permanently won't be seeing these fats again. Though some people told me i don't look as bad as i thought i am, but still, i want my flat tummy back. I had a very flat tummy before i gave birth, and now my tummy looks so disgusting because it is hanging low in my waist, argh!

Fig Tree

My son was asking me if i have seen fig tree in person. Actually, that is a good question because i don't really exactly know what fig tree is look like. so i asked hubby about it and he said that there is no tree like there here in town. Probably in the country side of this state, we're not so sure. Our son asked me that because he has his assignment that what tree that's starts with letter F, and also he likes eating fig pie. I searched the said tree and i must say that i never seen it before and will probably have to look for that when we get the chance to travel again sometime. I myself is not really familiar with all these different trees and i guess i have to start to learn all the names so i have something to answer to my son whenever he ask me again.

Informative Site

I did not know that there is such a weight loss vitamin. I thought that enable for me to lose weight, i have to take some pills and not vitamins because, i my own thinking, vitamins can boost my appetite. But when i read this site online, i was totally wrong of what i thought. It's nice to read articles and reviews and some other sites that can add more knowledge to me though because i get to learn more from it. It's not just all about losing weight pills, i realized there's also vitamins that can help me lose some fat to some part of my body such as my bulging tummy. Good thing i found this site, it sure is very informative.

Snowboarding Is Fun

Before the 2010 year ended, hubby and i took our son to the lake where there's hills out there so he can play the snowboard he got as a present from my friend. He just loved it so much and even though the temperature there that time was way down low, he ignored it and was having so much fun sliding down the hill. We did too, hubby and i was able to try it and we also had fun with our five year old young man.

The little one fell asleep on his car seat so we just left him inside the car which is the parking lot was just right in front of the hill. It was dark then, no sunlight but still the young man enjoyed his time so much. We're so happy that a friend of mine gave him one of our boys's wish. Now he can't get enough with it and keep on bugging us to go back there on the hill and do more sliding with his big snowboard that can let three people ride on it.
Pulled by mommySledding in the backyard

Best Deals On Used Cars

When hubby broke his old car, i was a little disappointed when he told me that he bought another used car that is not worth to have it. I am assuming that the car he is using to go to work and back right now won't last very long just like his previous one. I already told him that he should have waited for me until we all get back here from our vacation. But he was worried that he might not find a car for him and will be forced to use my car instead and that would cause a problem because i have nothing to use when i take our son to school.

So i told hubby about the best deals on used cars at CarWorks. Where he can find lots and lots of choices. I don't know why he was such in a hurry that time. It's probably because he was being convinced to get that car that he has right now due to it was his friend who owned it before. Oh well, let's find out if it's gonna last long, and i am sure in about few months from now, it will die on him. And if that happens, i am sure he will be upset. He should have listen to me about buying used car. He can find the cheapest car deals anywhere, but he chose to get the old junky one instead. Oh well, it's currently working still, and i will be expecting a call from him later on that he wants me to pick him up because his car died on him in the middle of the street, lol!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Support The Kid's Interests

I always been fascinated to watch about golf. Every time when my favorite player has a game, i never miss watching it for i always am amazed how does it. You probably knew already who the most famous player in golf since he is very popular all over the world and he's making huge amount of money because of his special skills. Because i have been watching that favorite show of mine since then, i became aware of all the things that the golf player is using, such as the golf clubs and has to wear the proper golf shoes. It's really neat to watch when golfer is doing it so good, i can just imagine how fun it is to be in the field and do that kind of game.

I just wish that one of my kids will start to like at least one sport. That would be awesome if one of them will like to be a golfer someday. I am just imagining you know, who knows it might come true someday when they grow up! We will surely watch every game they have. Since i am a big fan to this guy that i always watch his game, i tried to familiarize the things that he is using in golf game such as the golf bags and the golf balls. Hubby said that it's quite an interesting game and it would be awesome if one of our kids will love it. But, whatever they wanted to be when they grow up, we'll be here all the time to support their interests in life.

Mortgages Rates

Our plan of getting a new house is not so soon yet because we are still considering the moving part, it's going to be hassle and exhausting especially that the kids are still little, and also of course, we're thinking about the Mortgage Rates. Hubby and i agreed that we'll move soon as the kids are old enough that they can remember and will be able to take care of themselves already so i don't have to worry about them and at the same time, i have to help hubby for all the things we need to bring in to the new house. I am a little excited though but the moving is not gonna happen not until many years from now.

And if ever it will happen so soon, hubby said that i should be the one to apply for it so they can give me the First Time Buyer Mortgages. They have the special deal for the first timer. I heard about that though and that is good for our part to at least save some money when we move, that is going to be a big help for us my family. Mortgages for First Time Buyers is different from the other who bought houses few times already. They give the best deal for first timer so to choose the best rate mortgage that suits your budget and making sure that you get the best mortgage rate that you should get. So, since we are only planning for it by now, we are still looking for what we can get and we'll surely seek advice from the expert for this matter.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Whole Day Of Rest

I am currently having trouble sleeping at night. My insomnia is back to bother me again. Argh! This is really sickening and it makes me wear out easy! I feel so tired during the day that i want to take some rest with my little one but soon as i hit my back on the bed i could not sleep even for just a few minutes, that would be just as great if i can, but then no, i always fail whenever i am in bed, my eyes is always wide awake and my mind has so many things in it. I am restless and i am getting wear out really.
I wish i can do something about this, i am also scared to take some sleeping pills for i cannot do my chores and take care of my family anymore. I wish someone can replace me to do my responsibilities and obligations even for just one whole day so i can sleep and regain more energy. But then, i guess that is impossible for me to have since i have no one that i can lean on to here. My family is so far away that they cannot lend their helping hand to me. That's why sometimes i wish that my country is just an hour drive from where i am right now so i can just drive all the way there and get some help from them so i can have a full rest that i need. But! Sadly, it's all just a wish, it will never happen. I have to travel thousand miles away just to see my family back home. I miss my family, they are always ready to help me.

Wine Rack For My House

Hubby and i have been thinking what to do with our extra room downstairs. Either we will make it as another room to sleep in or maybe to something else instead. We haven't decided it yet but we'll probably make that room as my own. Like where i want to do my own things such as sewing or maybe will make it as my mini studio to practice studio type photography. Honestly, i really don't like going downstairs because it's so cold especially during winter. The room is not insulated, the wall is cement and it doesn't have a furnace vent in there that can keep the room warm during winter.
So hubby said that since my friends and i like to hang out sometimes, he might want to put a jk adams wine rack downstairs where it is perfect for wines to be stored. I asked hubby how in the world he got that idea. He answered me that he was browsing in the internet and found the jk adams website that he has been looking for that his friend told him where to get the things he likes such as jk adams cutting board and another additional jk adams spice rack for me in the kitchen. So he found this wine rack and thought it would be a good idea to get one too and put it downstairs where there's lots of room in there and perfect place because it's cooler. We don't drink wine ourselves but if we have some guests that will come over to our house and spend a night with us, it would be nice if we have something for them to enjoy while we will be chatting. Hubby is very clever when it comes to thinking of good things. That's why i fall in love with him everyday.

Protect Your Identity

Have you even wonder if you or your family's identity are protected at all? That is what exactly i am asking to myself. When hubby told me not to give so much information about myself online, because some hackers or maybe scammers are trying to steal someone's identity. Babies or old people are usually the victims. Their identity are being used and taken advantage of by these crooks. So i told myself to keep myself private even to those people i know because i never did met them in person yet. They can be good friends but then later on you will find out what their true intentions to you.

Hubby made sure that our identity is being protected by IdentityHawk. It protects all the personal information about you and making sure no one can steal it to use it for their own purposes. I have heard so much about this identity theft, and makes me feel so scared thinking that our identity isn't safe at all. I am thankful to hubby that he is really thinking about us and his own protection. Now, we don't have to be so worried that someone might steal our identity by getting all the informations because we have this identity theft protection already. I am glad there is a company that helps family protecting all the personal informations, which is really great and we feel secured now.

Blogging, Making Money

Before i knew blogging, i was totally bored at home because i have nothing else to do aside from taking care of my baby while my husband is gone to his work. When my baby is asleep, all i do was just either watching television or just looking outside the window counting the cars passes by in the highway. It sounds boring, isn't it? I was not aware of the internet then, maybe i was but probably not so fond of it yet then. It was a little while before i beginning to like using the computer. I signed up in a networking website and made some online friends. Then, i met a good friend and she told me why not to blog so i won't be bored anymore during my free time.

I started blogging four years ago now, i can't believe how time flies and my websites were created four years ago. Though some of them are somewhat new but most of my websites are old. I fell in love with blogging from the very first day i started it. And then later on, i began to realize that blogging is one great hobby that i can benefit from it. I then started to blog paid posts. So, i then think that who's person has the most income from making money out of blogging, so i searched it. Then i found this "Rich Jerk" popped out in the search engine. It's so cool! I wish i can make money just like this person, or maybe i can. I just have to study what he really does so i can have the same income as he gets. What do you think? You wanna try it too? Go ahead and click the link above i attached and it should take you there to what i am talking about.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Will Be Yearly Tradition

I have been thinking to post some of my pictures here that was taken during our gatherings in new year, but i guess i got busy to something else. Like the usual gatherings, we sure had fun with my good friends and of course the kids as well. They blew the horn and wore those silly hats that my friend prepared, and the grown ups wore the crown, and the ladies looked like we are miss universe haha... We all enjoyed the food too, it was a very sumptuous dinner we had, there was some left overs and we brought some home and shared each one of us what we had.

I am sure it's going to be a tradition every year that we will be celebrating the holidays with the same friends and it will be held at the same big house of my friend. This picture below i shared was taken during the 2011 new year celebration. I finally got my new contact lens, the color that i picked before but my son insisted that i should get the blue one, lol! Now i got the honey colored contact lens and i so love it!
Just me

COPD Symptoms

Have you heard about this COPD symptoms? I certainly never heard of it yet until now. I searched about this and i learned a lot of things about this because my neighbor next door is suffering to this. It got me so worried when i heard a loud noise of a siren early dawn the other day, it woke me up and hurriedly peeked on to our window to see what's going on. I thought there was an accident that occurred, but there was none, the street was so quiet and saw the ambulance pulled in to our neighbor's driveway. So that morning i learned that the old lady is being rushed to the hospital because she is having trouble breathing and coughing continuously, it's like a whooping cough suffering her COPD symptoms.

Hubby said that whooping cough can kill because if you are suffering with it, it's very hard for you to inhale and exhale the air into your system because the coughing is continuous, non-stop. It's been couple of days now and the old lady hasn't back yet since, and we are hoping that she is feeling better by now with the help of medication that's being given to her. It must be in the blood too, inherited from the family, and thank goodness neither of our family with my husband has COPD symptoms. I could not even imagine how painful it is to see a loved one suffering to that kind of culprit.

Changed Chest Size

When i saw a common friend's pictures recently i was all surprised that something has changed in her. Her chest size gone so big! So, because i was too shy to ask her personally, i asked her best friend if she undergone the Plano Breast Implants since she live to that city. And yes, her friend confirmed that she indeed undergone an implant surgery. Well, good for her though because she looks so hottie, and her friend said that, it's her husband's idea to have her undergo the operation to enhance the size of her breast.

I remember before i got here, i teased my mother that soon as i get here, i would like to change some parts of my body like my nose, i want to lift it up a little bit to be looking it more nicer, but i wasn't so serious then really because she got so scared. Anyway, Plano Plastic Surgery did a very good job to a common friend, she does look better with her new chest size. And she is flaunting it every time they have gatherings with her friends. Well, i don't plan to undergo a surgery like what she had, because for me i am happy enough of my original size lol, and besides, it isn't that bad though lol! Plano Breast Augmentation made my common friend happy and of course made her husband happy as well for the perfect result. Although they probably paid a good amount of money to have that kind of surgery but i think it's all worth it for their part.

Advertising Agency

If you are running a business online, i am so sure that you will be interested to this information that i am going to tell you. It's all about the Advertising Agency that can help you guys big time! It's not just advertising your website to one site, what it does is, the company will help you to spread out the advertisement of your business site. If you are just barely starting your business online or maybe a website that you wanted to advertise enable for you to gain heavy traffic so it can be searched easy in so many search engines, then this is just the perfect help you need.

When it comes to advertising your business site or maybe a site like mine, is just not so easy especially when you are just starting. That's why i was so happy when i found out about this company that can help me to spread my website to everywhere so it can be easily found by people who's looking for something that my site might answer what they are looking for. And not only that, i already told this to some of my blogger friends so they will also can register their sites to this company. I can't wait for the good traffic that'll flow to my site, this is really a big help to introduce my own website. So, if you do need some help, try to click the link i provided above and you'll learn how to do it, it's very easy!

Blame It To The Coffee!!!

I should have known better! I shouldn't drank the coffee that my friend gave me. I have a decaffeinated one but i got the caffeinated one instead. Darn! Now i am still wide awake like i am very high in drugs. This is what really happens to me if i drink a cup of coffee, even the decaffeinated one, it still has effect to me but at least not as bad like the caffeinated one. How could i be so stubborn not to learn from it, drinking coffee is really has a bad effect to me big time!

Now i am suffering with my insomnia too, i don't feel tired at all, it's already past five in the morning here but yet, i am still here in front of my computer. Sometimes, i get mad to myself for not listening to the voice inside my mind what should i do and what should i not do. Blame it to the coffee, lol! Well, it was waving at me by the counter and teased me to get it and drink it, lol! What a stubborn me, am i? I should learn, and i need someone to spank me, too bad my husband is asleep now :(.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Keeping The Old Lappy

This laptop that i have been using is almost three years now, i can't believe how time flies, it seemed like i only have this for only few months. Although i am noticing some problems to this laptop, but still i love this because this is the very first personal computer that hubby gave me. He said he is planning to buy me another one, it got me excited though but not expecting it too much for we still have some bills to pay this year. Probably soon as we get our tax refund, then hubby will get me a new one. I just have to wait though since i am not in a hurry because i still have this lappy, and even if hubby will get me a new one, still i am keeping this old one.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A New Year's Eve-worthy makeup look

Guest post written by Constance Byrns

I have a pretty regular beauty routine that I stick to. It includes moisturizer, eye cream, makeup and a few other things every once in a while. I could probably even do it in my sleep by now, but I do like to branch out and do some different stuff when I get the chance for special occasions. I'm planning on really going all out and doing an ultra glam look for New Year's Eve this year.

Last year for a New Year's party, I basically just did my same old makeup look for it and when I looked at the pictures posted on Facebook of my look then, I looked so ho-hum in comparison to my other friends. I normally don't look that way in comparison to them, but they just looked so glam that night. So I wanted to find a glam look to wear this year. I was online researching that when I came across some internet packages and ordered one from HERE.

I don't think that any good holiday makeup look is complete without a bit of shimmer, so I'm going to incorporate that into it, but I'll probably decide the overall look at the last minute.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Buying Gold Is Best Business

What do you have in mind in this new year? Are you thinking of having a business or something? That would so awesome to consider and start enable for you to gain more interests on your money even though it's sleeping in your house. A little confused? Well, here's what i mean. I am talking about the gold IRA that you can buy and let it sleep for quite sometime since gold doesn't rust, nor get perished or destroyed by time. In fact, it gets more expensive as time goes by. If only i have that much money that i wished i have, i would buy my money some gold 401k and keep it for awhile and later on sell it again with fair price. That way, i can make money out of my capital.

Some friends i have already been doing what i want to do and they are happy to know that indeed they are making good money by doing it. Buying some IRA gold is the best business i have known so far, you don't have to sign up for something or maybe have to be in a certain place and time for you to make sure that your business will make progress. This way, all you do is buy the gold and sell it later on, it's really cool and awesome since most people does love gold especially women, don't we all?

Robin Williams, The Actor That I Love

Who would not recognized this face in the picture i attached below? I started to like him when i first watched his very funny yet heart warming movie, the Mrs. Doubtfire. He made me fall in love with him by his acting and his humor, he acts so naturally, that's why i became to love him and been following all his movie that i know. But, i was so surprised when i signed myself up to an online website where i can movies unlimited and anytime that i like to. I have searched a lot of Robin William's movies that really touched my heart because most of it are like a real story ones. Though i learned that he is not the guy that i thought he is, still that did not affect to how i feel for this guy, he is such a lovable guy that i am sure his appeal caught a lot of people's attention and became his big fans.

I was so saddened upon learning what he'd gone through, but i am glad that he is doing well now and hoping that he won't mess his life again with drug and alcohol addiction. Below, i inserted his biography for you guys to read.
Robin Williams
Actor, comedienne. Robin McLaurim Williams was born on July 21, 1951, in Chicago, Illinois. One of America's funniest performers, Williams attended one of the most prestigious drama schools in the country—the Juilliard School in New York City. While at Juilliard, he made friends with Christopher Reeve. He later experimented with comedy in San Francisco and Los Angeles, developing a successful stand-up act.

Williams first became known to American audiences as the zany alien Mork in the television comedy series Mork and Mindy (1978–82). He made his big-screen debut playing the famous spinach-eating sailor, Popeye (1981). The movie led to a string of successful film roles for Williams, including Good Morning Vietnam (1987) and Dead Poets Society (1989), both of which earned the actor Oscar nods.

While his career was taking off, Williams faced many personal challenges. He developed a drug and alcohol problem while working on the sitcom Mork and Mindy, and would struggle with addiction for more than two decades. He also became involved in several tumultuous romantic relationships; while married to actress Valerie Velardi, he was briefly involved with another woman. Williams and Velardi divorced soon after, in 1988. The next year he married his son's nanny, Marsha Garces, who was pregnant with their first child together.

Despite personal setbacks, Williams continued acting. He provided the voice of the genie in Disney's animated film, Aladdin (1991), and appeared in the hit films Awakenings (1990), Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), and The Birdcage (1996). In 1997, his performance as the psychiatrist in Good Will Hunting (1997) won him an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Then in 2001 he would return to voice acting as the voice of Dr. Know in Artificial Intelligence: AI (2001).

After a series of comedic roles, Williams took on some darker material. He played a creepy photo developer in One Hour Photo (2002); the murder suspect in Insomnia (2002); and a writer and radio host who gets caught up in the mystery surrounding a troubled fan in The Night Listener (2006). Williams returned to his comedic talents shortly after with Man of the Year (2006), a send-up of U.S. presidential politics.

In the summer of 2006, Williams suffered an drug relapse. He admitted himself to a rehabilitation facility for alcoholism treatment that August. The actor quickly rebounded and, in 2007, he starred in the zany comedy License to Wed with co-stars Mandy Moore and John Krasinski.

In 2008, Williams began touring for his one-man stand-up comedy show, Weapons of Self-Destruction. The show focuses on "social and political absurdities." That same year, he and Garces divorced, citing irreconcilable differences.

Williams took the personal setback in stride, instead pouring his energy into his sold-out tour. But health problems would derail the comedian in March of 2009. Several months into his fast-paced tour, Williams began experiencing shortness of breath. The complications led him to cancel a handful of performances.

Williams is currently scheduled to appear in several films including the adventure comedy, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian and the independent drama, Shrink.

Williams has three children: Zachary Pym (his son with Velardi), Zelda Rae and Cody Alan (his two children Garces).

I Am Looking For Some Tips

I was not so worried about my figure then when i was still single. But since after three pregnancies, i started to get more aware of how i look now. Even though hubby is just teasing me, but it made me feel that i do really need to do something about my bumpy tummy that i have been noticing for awhile now. I guess this is pretty normal to women who delivered babies couple of times. But still, it's not acceptable for me to just ignore it and not to do anything for me to get rid of it.

I also considering taking some supplement enable for me to melt the extra unwanted fats in my tummy. But with the help of MedGem of course, i am so sure that i will do such as great like what i expected to happen to me. Also, i need to keep an eye on my Cholesterol level using my Cholestech LDX so i can keep track if i am taking a fatty food that is not good for me, and certainly not good for my diet plan. I really need to do something on this embarrassing tummy, and even though some people told me i look alright, still that did not made me feel so good because i still can see that this annoying tummy bump does really need to disappear.

I am so jealous of those celebrity women i see on the television that despite of having kids, still they look great as ever. I wonder if they are using BodyGem? I want to know more about how they got rid of their bumpy tummy after giving birth, that would be awesome if i get some tips from them.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking For A New house

When we talk about home, ours isn't that so bad though for my family. We are just a little worried when kids are old enough because they might demand a bigger space and a bigger room of their own which we don't have it here in this house. So hubby and i were considering that we might look for a new bigger house for the sake of our kids. I told my husband that if ever we buy a new house, i want to choose it myself so i can comfortably do what i must do such as the kitchen, the living room and our master's bedroom. Those rooms that i really wanted it to be a bigger space so i can freely move around and probably my kids will agree and thank me about that later on too when they grow up.

I have been searching so many realtor's websites but i could not find the house that i really love to have. Instead, i found the right house for us with my family out of state, it's in Dallas Real Estate. They have a lot of Dallas Homes For Sale, they have the one that the style of the house that i like the most. I wish i could find something like it here in our town, very simple house yet so elegant. The landscape in the front is just so beautiful and the sunlight hits directly to the little garden which is just so perfect for the flowers to bloom beautifully. Maybe i just have to look harder so i can find more selections of the houses here in our town and of course we are considering of the price that we can afford too. I hate to leave this house because we've been living here for so many years but kids will grow and they will definitely need more space and a bigger room, i can just tell.

Everything Is Taken Cared Of

So how's the new year for you? I hope that you all enjoyed it and started the new year with full of peace and love in your hearts. Honestly, i did get to do what i supposed to do yet but i will very soon, so wish me luck! And aside from all that, i am so glad that the very first day of our new year went well, everything is all taken cared of. Before the new year came, i was able to take care of my bills and so as hubby so we don't have to worry about it before its due date.

In fact, i just received the confirmation today and my transaction receipt of my website hosting to let me know that the transaction is successful and i am billed already. Great! That's what i wanted to happen. I feel so easy when i get to do what i should do before i run out of time or if my bills will be due soon and i did not pay it yet. Aside from my bills here like this best budget hosting, i also have some other things offline that i have to pay and i hate it so much when i forget the due date because i have to pay the penalty which is going to be additional to my bills, meaning extra money to release from my pocket. Who does like that anyway? lol! So, that is why i am making sure that everything it noted so i can pay them ahead of time.