Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blame It To The Coffee!!!

I should have known better! I shouldn't drank the coffee that my friend gave me. I have a decaffeinated one but i got the caffeinated one instead. Darn! Now i am still wide awake like i am very high in drugs. This is what really happens to me if i drink a cup of coffee, even the decaffeinated one, it still has effect to me but at least not as bad like the caffeinated one. How could i be so stubborn not to learn from it, drinking coffee is really has a bad effect to me big time!

Now i am suffering with my insomnia too, i don't feel tired at all, it's already past five in the morning here but yet, i am still here in front of my computer. Sometimes, i get mad to myself for not listening to the voice inside my mind what should i do and what should i not do. Blame it to the coffee, lol! Well, it was waving at me by the counter and teased me to get it and drink it, lol! What a stubborn me, am i? I should learn, and i need someone to spank me, too bad my husband is asleep now :(.

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