Thursday, January 6, 2011

A New Year's Eve-worthy makeup look

Guest post written by Constance Byrns

I have a pretty regular beauty routine that I stick to. It includes moisturizer, eye cream, makeup and a few other things every once in a while. I could probably even do it in my sleep by now, but I do like to branch out and do some different stuff when I get the chance for special occasions. I'm planning on really going all out and doing an ultra glam look for New Year's Eve this year.

Last year for a New Year's party, I basically just did my same old makeup look for it and when I looked at the pictures posted on Facebook of my look then, I looked so ho-hum in comparison to my other friends. I normally don't look that way in comparison to them, but they just looked so glam that night. So I wanted to find a glam look to wear this year. I was online researching that when I came across some internet packages and ordered one from HERE.

I don't think that any good holiday makeup look is complete without a bit of shimmer, so I'm going to incorporate that into it, but I'll probably decide the overall look at the last minute.

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