Sunday, January 16, 2011

Photo Shooting Plan In The Park

I can't wait to have the spring season! I am so looking forward to it! Aside from being so anxious and excited to photo shoot some blooming flowers in the garden or maybe in the park, also, i am planning to photo shoot some of my friends soon as the weather gets better, not bitter cold. I am so bored and feel depressed at times because of this nasty weather we have right now, just too cold, freezing and not so inviting outside to have some fun.

A friend of mine and i agreed that she will take me to the park where i have never been yet, so we can do the photo shooting over there. She said that the park is very beautiful for it is filled with lots of different kinds of gorgeous flowers during the spring time season. She also mentioned that there is a place there where there's wooden arbors that we can use as the place to do the photo shooting. That made me even more excited because i can now imagine how will the photo shooting of ours will come out, knowing that garden arbors will add more drama to the photos when the subject is there.
Both my friend and i are excited for this plan of ours, we'll be using those arbors in the park as props to the photo shooting to add more beauty to the photos i am going to take while she is in there leaning on it or maybe standing by there. I do hope so that this photo shooting will come out as good as what i am thinking it would be.

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