Monday, January 31, 2011

Looking Forward To Yoga

If i would choose am exercise or me, i would surely get the Dahn Yoga. You know why? It is a kind of exercise that both physical and emotional will get to work. I like this one because i have noticed myself lately that i am stressed with all these things that is happening to me. It's not that i am stressed with my family, i am just stressed with the things i need to do and accomplish everyday, house chores is the most. The daily routing is just makes me tired that's why i feel like i am restless everyday. Not to mention that i have to take care my little one which is very a handful boy.

Dahn Yoga basics is the most easiest exercise for me to do since i don't have much of a patience when it comes to working out such as using those hard metals ones, lifting some weights and other things to make my figure to look more physically fit. And, i have been reading about Dahn Yoga on how it actually works to person that will do it. I must say that this is the kind of exercise i am looking forward to do, very calming and easy, meditation is there too that will make the mind more stress free and worry free as well.

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