Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blogging, Making Money

Before i knew blogging, i was totally bored at home because i have nothing else to do aside from taking care of my baby while my husband is gone to his work. When my baby is asleep, all i do was just either watching television or just looking outside the window counting the cars passes by in the highway. It sounds boring, isn't it? I was not aware of the internet then, maybe i was but probably not so fond of it yet then. It was a little while before i beginning to like using the computer. I signed up in a networking website and made some online friends. Then, i met a good friend and she told me why not to blog so i won't be bored anymore during my free time.

I started blogging four years ago now, i can't believe how time flies and my websites were created four years ago. Though some of them are somewhat new but most of my websites are old. I fell in love with blogging from the very first day i started it. And then later on, i began to realize that blogging is one great hobby that i can benefit from it. I then started to blog paid posts. So, i then think that who's person has the most income from making money out of blogging, so i searched it. Then i found this "Rich Jerk" popped out in the search engine. It's so cool! I wish i can make money just like this person, or maybe i can. I just have to study what he really does so i can have the same income as he gets. What do you think? You wanna try it too? Go ahead and click the link above i attached and it should take you there to what i am talking about.

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