Monday, January 17, 2011

Feeling So Blessed

That's right! I do feel so blessed all the time! Even though that there are times i feel down it is just because mainly due to the depressing weather we have here. It's cold and bitter and that makes me feel so depressed for i cannot go out with my kids and do some fun activities with them. But aside from all that, i always feel blessed having my beautiful family and my ever loving husband. He's always there to comfort and love me, always ready to give him his big warm hugs and kisses to calm me down and ease the hurt inside me.

It was the other day when my little one finally broke my laptop, he dropped it for the last time and made the screen shattered. It made me so sad because i have that laptop for quite sometime already. It was looking brand new still until my little one started to touched it. He dropped it several times and took some buttons off of it too. At first when he did that, i tried to put some buttons back and was able to do it but the buttons were not working anymore like it supposed to, i have to push them really hard enable for them to work. Some were not working anymore at all.

And now, that i don't have it for i can't use it anymore, hubby said that he will get me a new one. That made me so happy for i cannot just keep on borrowing my son's desktop for he plays his games here and also watch his favorite shows and movies. Hubby already told me that he is going to replace my laptop before christmas time, but i just told him that i don't need it right then for my laptop is still working, and i also don't want my laptop being replaced just like that for i am very attached to my laptop already. Also the other reason is, i have all the files in there and i am used to it for i don't have to remember all the passwords for it's all saved to that laptop. Now, i don't have much of a choice but to let hubby get me a new one.

I do need to have my own personal laptop, i blog almost everyday and i do some other important things online too, that's why i need one for myself. If not because of my great destroyer here in the house, my laptop would have been still so looking nice and working just as great like brand new. But all i did was scream and cry after i saw my laptop dead on the floor. What can i do? He is just a baby and don't know what he just did. So, next time soon as i get my new one, i will never let him touch my laptop anymore, not anymore.

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