Sunday, January 9, 2011

COPD Symptoms

Have you heard about this COPD symptoms? I certainly never heard of it yet until now. I searched about this and i learned a lot of things about this because my neighbor next door is suffering to this. It got me so worried when i heard a loud noise of a siren early dawn the other day, it woke me up and hurriedly peeked on to our window to see what's going on. I thought there was an accident that occurred, but there was none, the street was so quiet and saw the ambulance pulled in to our neighbor's driveway. So that morning i learned that the old lady is being rushed to the hospital because she is having trouble breathing and coughing continuously, it's like a whooping cough suffering her COPD symptoms.

Hubby said that whooping cough can kill because if you are suffering with it, it's very hard for you to inhale and exhale the air into your system because the coughing is continuous, non-stop. It's been couple of days now and the old lady hasn't back yet since, and we are hoping that she is feeling better by now with the help of medication that's being given to her. It must be in the blood too, inherited from the family, and thank goodness neither of our family with my husband has COPD symptoms. I could not even imagine how painful it is to see a loved one suffering to that kind of culprit.

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