Friday, January 14, 2011

Honestly Mad

Great! I am very upset right now because my laptop's keyboard doesn't work well anymore. Some keys are wrecked and some are still working but i have to push them really hard enable for the keys to work. My little monster dropped my laptop again yesterday for countless times around, and he took off some of the keys, that's why it doesn't work anymore like it used to. I was having a hard time to put them back on and the others probably were not put properly because i am no expert to this in the first place. All i could do is scream so i can let my anger out because my little one almost broke my laptop.

I do need a new one but i don't have enough budget for that yet. I am waiting for my husband to buy me a new one but it sounds like it won't happen, so i will just probably save my own little income to buy myself a new one. I really need a personal computer because i do my blogging almost everyday and i can't have our desktop because it runs so slow. Arggggh!!!! Thanks to my little one for breaking my laptop! He surely did a great job!

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