Monday, January 3, 2011

Everything Is Taken Cared Of

So how's the new year for you? I hope that you all enjoyed it and started the new year with full of peace and love in your hearts. Honestly, i did get to do what i supposed to do yet but i will very soon, so wish me luck! And aside from all that, i am so glad that the very first day of our new year went well, everything is all taken cared of. Before the new year came, i was able to take care of my bills and so as hubby so we don't have to worry about it before its due date.

In fact, i just received the confirmation today and my transaction receipt of my website hosting to let me know that the transaction is successful and i am billed already. Great! That's what i wanted to happen. I feel so easy when i get to do what i should do before i run out of time or if my bills will be due soon and i did not pay it yet. Aside from my bills here like this best budget hosting, i also have some other things offline that i have to pay and i hate it so much when i forget the due date because i have to pay the penalty which is going to be additional to my bills, meaning extra money to release from my pocket. Who does like that anyway? lol! So, that is why i am making sure that everything it noted so i can pay them ahead of time.

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