Sunday, January 9, 2011

Changed Chest Size

When i saw a common friend's pictures recently i was all surprised that something has changed in her. Her chest size gone so big! So, because i was too shy to ask her personally, i asked her best friend if she undergone the Plano Breast Implants since she live to that city. And yes, her friend confirmed that she indeed undergone an implant surgery. Well, good for her though because she looks so hottie, and her friend said that, it's her husband's idea to have her undergo the operation to enhance the size of her breast.

I remember before i got here, i teased my mother that soon as i get here, i would like to change some parts of my body like my nose, i want to lift it up a little bit to be looking it more nicer, but i wasn't so serious then really because she got so scared. Anyway, Plano Plastic Surgery did a very good job to a common friend, she does look better with her new chest size. And she is flaunting it every time they have gatherings with her friends. Well, i don't plan to undergo a surgery like what she had, because for me i am happy enough of my original size lol, and besides, it isn't that bad though lol! Plano Breast Augmentation made my common friend happy and of course made her husband happy as well for the perfect result. Although they probably paid a good amount of money to have that kind of surgery but i think it's all worth it for their part.

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