Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mortgages Rates

Our plan of getting a new house is not so soon yet because we are still considering the moving part, it's going to be hassle and exhausting especially that the kids are still little, and also of course, we're thinking about the Mortgage Rates. Hubby and i agreed that we'll move soon as the kids are old enough that they can remember and will be able to take care of themselves already so i don't have to worry about them and at the same time, i have to help hubby for all the things we need to bring in to the new house. I am a little excited though but the moving is not gonna happen not until many years from now.

And if ever it will happen so soon, hubby said that i should be the one to apply for it so they can give me the First Time Buyer Mortgages. They have the special deal for the first timer. I heard about that though and that is good for our part to at least save some money when we move, that is going to be a big help for us my family. Mortgages for First Time Buyers is different from the other who bought houses few times already. They give the best deal for first timer so to choose the best rate mortgage that suits your budget and making sure that you get the best mortgage rate that you should get. So, since we are only planning for it by now, we are still looking for what we can get and we'll surely seek advice from the expert for this matter.

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