Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Whole Day Of Rest

I am currently having trouble sleeping at night. My insomnia is back to bother me again. Argh! This is really sickening and it makes me wear out easy! I feel so tired during the day that i want to take some rest with my little one but soon as i hit my back on the bed i could not sleep even for just a few minutes, that would be just as great if i can, but then no, i always fail whenever i am in bed, my eyes is always wide awake and my mind has so many things in it. I am restless and i am getting wear out really.
I wish i can do something about this, i am also scared to take some sleeping pills for i cannot do my chores and take care of my family anymore. I wish someone can replace me to do my responsibilities and obligations even for just one whole day so i can sleep and regain more energy. But then, i guess that is impossible for me to have since i have no one that i can lean on to here. My family is so far away that they cannot lend their helping hand to me. That's why sometimes i wish that my country is just an hour drive from where i am right now so i can just drive all the way there and get some help from them so i can have a full rest that i need. But! Sadly, it's all just a wish, it will never happen. I have to travel thousand miles away just to see my family back home. I miss my family, they are always ready to help me.

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