Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowboarding Is Fun

Before the 2010 year ended, hubby and i took our son to the lake where there's hills out there so he can play the snowboard he got as a present from my friend. He just loved it so much and even though the temperature there that time was way down low, he ignored it and was having so much fun sliding down the hill. We did too, hubby and i was able to try it and we also had fun with our five year old young man.

The little one fell asleep on his car seat so we just left him inside the car which is the parking lot was just right in front of the hill. It was dark then, no sunlight but still the young man enjoyed his time so much. We're so happy that a friend of mine gave him one of our boys's wish. Now he can't get enough with it and keep on bugging us to go back there on the hill and do more sliding with his big snowboard that can let three people ride on it.
Pulled by mommySledding in the backyard

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