Monday, January 24, 2011

Valetines Is Almost Here!!!

Do i smell the month of the heart here now? I definitely do! When i went to the store yesterday i already saw some chocolate candies that are wrapped nicely with hearts containers. Well, valentines day is not that far anymore, it will be two more weeks and married couples or maybe lovers will be celebrating it so soon. As for hubby and me, we don't have a plan for it yet, and besides, we don't really go out every valentines day. He doesn't even give me some flowers, his reason is, it is because flowers dies, but his love for me will never die, it is forever, lol!

I somewhat agree to my husband though. Flowers are only good and beautiful when it's freshly bought, but wait for a day or two and it will start its beauty to fade off and die. So, instead of buying me things like that, he instead take me out with our kids and will have a good family dinner. That way, we get to enjoy our quality family time and we spent the money for food as well. Isn't that being so practical? I guess so. So, i am assuming that mostly couples are now planning ahead for their valentines dates? Or maybe a boyfriend has something special ready to give for their loved ones. Valentines is almost here!!!


Prettymom said...

am excited for this big, i might spend it with my man..

gLoR!e said...

aaahhh...i did not think about it yet..i still thought of xmas..:D

mam, i made another one blog.. hope you will visit sometimes!:)

there will be another one soon, hopefully will finish this week...

i will get back to blogging na, hapit na valentines wala tay pang gifts sa atong lalabs...hahahaha

Natasha said...

My Valentines Day this year will consist of spending time with my kids! I am a single mommy of four with no love life right now! I agree with you on how you want to spend your Valentines Day!!