Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Want My Baby Sister Back

It was around past six o'clock in the morning when i heard my five year old son crying in his room and got up heading to my room. He was crying still when he came to me and hugged me, i thought he probably just had a bad dream that made him cry and woke him up. But i was so surprised when he told me that he wants his baby sister back! So i asked him why? He said because he miss her and he just simply wants her back. I was speechless and don't know what to say for i cannot find words myself to comfort him for i myself felt so sad when he said that to me. I knew for sure he dreamed about his baby sister and woke him up sad knowing that his baby sister is not with us anymore.

I composed myself and told my son that she is watching us and although we did not see her, she is with us all the time protecting us from harm or any other danger that might come. But my son did not listen to me, he wants her back physically that's what he meant. He said he cannot see her and he wants to hug her. That, made my heart melt, i cried, because i do miss my daughter too, more than much as my son misses her, but there's nothing i can do to bring her back alive.

My heart broke when i saw my son so sad and telling me how he misses his baby sister so bad. He was only three years old when she passed away, and i did not expect him to remember all that but he actually did. My son must have a good memory like what i used to have. He always tells me stories the things that he remembers what happened almost three years ago. He even remembered that i passed out and he grabbed a glass of water for me when his baby sister died. I cannot explain how i feel right now, my son is really something, he always amazed me everyday, not just because he is smart, it is also because of his amazing sharp memory.

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