Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Drama Comedy Movie

Ever since i registered to this website where i can watch a whole lot of movies for just a very affordable price, i can't help myself anymore from watching movies everyday. I guess my reason is, first i am making my money's worth and secondly i love watching movies especially when it's drama comedies, sci-fi and mainly for kids movies. Anyway, the other day i watched this movie about the couple that couldn't have a child. The guy was working at Structured Cabling Contractor as an engineer while the woman has her own perfume business. The man's job was pretty interesting because the company does some fiber optic installation and they are also a data cabling installers.

But the problem to the couple are both busy so they both can't find time for each other to be just a couple and be with each other more. Although they tried their best but still they always failed. So, the woman entrusted her business to her best friend so she and her man can have more chance to make a baby. While the man is doing his best as well although he is very busy with his job. It was a pretty interesting movie indeed and as expected the ending was they finally got the baby and not just one, but they got triplets instead. It was a happy ending like usual, but the whole story was awesome for me.

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