Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking For A New house

When we talk about home, ours isn't that so bad though for my family. We are just a little worried when kids are old enough because they might demand a bigger space and a bigger room of their own which we don't have it here in this house. So hubby and i were considering that we might look for a new bigger house for the sake of our kids. I told my husband that if ever we buy a new house, i want to choose it myself so i can comfortably do what i must do such as the kitchen, the living room and our master's bedroom. Those rooms that i really wanted it to be a bigger space so i can freely move around and probably my kids will agree and thank me about that later on too when they grow up.

I have been searching so many realtor's websites but i could not find the house that i really love to have. Instead, i found the right house for us with my family out of state, it's in Dallas Real Estate. They have a lot of Dallas Homes For Sale, they have the one that the style of the house that i like the most. I wish i could find something like it here in our town, very simple house yet so elegant. The landscape in the front is just so beautiful and the sunlight hits directly to the little garden which is just so perfect for the flowers to bloom beautifully. Maybe i just have to look harder so i can find more selections of the houses here in our town and of course we are considering of the price that we can afford too. I hate to leave this house because we've been living here for so many years but kids will grow and they will definitely need more space and a bigger room, i can just tell.

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