Thursday, January 13, 2011

Best Deals On Used Cars

When hubby broke his old car, i was a little disappointed when he told me that he bought another used car that is not worth to have it. I am assuming that the car he is using to go to work and back right now won't last very long just like his previous one. I already told him that he should have waited for me until we all get back here from our vacation. But he was worried that he might not find a car for him and will be forced to use my car instead and that would cause a problem because i have nothing to use when i take our son to school.

So i told hubby about the best deals on used cars at CarWorks. Where he can find lots and lots of choices. I don't know why he was such in a hurry that time. It's probably because he was being convinced to get that car that he has right now due to it was his friend who owned it before. Oh well, let's find out if it's gonna last long, and i am sure in about few months from now, it will die on him. And if that happens, i am sure he will be upset. He should have listen to me about buying used car. He can find the cheapest car deals anywhere, but he chose to get the old junky one instead. Oh well, it's currently working still, and i will be expecting a call from him later on that he wants me to pick him up because his car died on him in the middle of the street, lol!

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