Saturday, January 15, 2011

Perfect Quality Tarp

Finally the tarp that my brother requested from me is now in his internet cafe building. He's been so anxious to receive that and when he finally got it, he is very happy and he put it right away on the side of the internet cafe to protect the glass window from the sunlight. He first bought a blinds but still the sun gets inside the cafe and got him decided to asked me if i can buy him the blue tarp to cover the whole side of the sunny window. The building is facing where the sun rises and it hurts his back during noon time because he sits against by that window.

Now that he got the poly tarp covered on that side, he is happy because it also helps the air-conditioning unit to cool down easy because the sun is not directly hitting the window anymore, unlike before. Also, it is a lot more nicer he said because the place gets a little dimmer which the kids like it the most so they can see the monitor better playing their favorite online games and not get blinded by the direct sunlight. His problem is solved and he also glad that i bought the tarp for him, the quality is just perfect and it's really thick tarp that can stand the heat of the sunlight.

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