Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Am Looking For Some Tips

I was not so worried about my figure then when i was still single. But since after three pregnancies, i started to get more aware of how i look now. Even though hubby is just teasing me, but it made me feel that i do really need to do something about my bumpy tummy that i have been noticing for awhile now. I guess this is pretty normal to women who delivered babies couple of times. But still, it's not acceptable for me to just ignore it and not to do anything for me to get rid of it.

I also considering taking some supplement enable for me to melt the extra unwanted fats in my tummy. But with the help of MedGem of course, i am so sure that i will do such as great like what i expected to happen to me. Also, i need to keep an eye on my Cholesterol level using my Cholestech LDX so i can keep track if i am taking a fatty food that is not good for me, and certainly not good for my diet plan. I really need to do something on this embarrassing tummy, and even though some people told me i look alright, still that did not made me feel so good because i still can see that this annoying tummy bump does really need to disappear.

I am so jealous of those celebrity women i see on the television that despite of having kids, still they look great as ever. I wonder if they are using BodyGem? I want to know more about how they got rid of their bumpy tummy after giving birth, that would be awesome if i get some tips from them.

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