Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wine Rack For My House

Hubby and i have been thinking what to do with our extra room downstairs. Either we will make it as another room to sleep in or maybe to something else instead. We haven't decided it yet but we'll probably make that room as my own. Like where i want to do my own things such as sewing or maybe will make it as my mini studio to practice studio type photography. Honestly, i really don't like going downstairs because it's so cold especially during winter. The room is not insulated, the wall is cement and it doesn't have a furnace vent in there that can keep the room warm during winter.
So hubby said that since my friends and i like to hang out sometimes, he might want to put a jk adams wine rack downstairs where it is perfect for wines to be stored. I asked hubby how in the world he got that idea. He answered me that he was browsing in the internet and found the jk adams website that he has been looking for that his friend told him where to get the things he likes such as jk adams cutting board and another additional jk adams spice rack for me in the kitchen. So he found this wine rack and thought it would be a good idea to get one too and put it downstairs where there's lots of room in there and perfect place because it's cooler. We don't drink wine ourselves but if we have some guests that will come over to our house and spend a night with us, it would be nice if we have something for them to enjoy while we will be chatting. Hubby is very clever when it comes to thinking of good things. That's why i fall in love with him everyday.

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