Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good Shopper Me

Winter sale will be all over the stores soon, winter is almost over and i can't wait to shop for some winter clothes for me, for my hubby and most especially for my boys clothing. My five year old son's clothing can't be worn by his little brother anymore for most of it are ripped off and worn out. So this coming winter sale, i have to make sure that i will be shopping a little bigger sizes for both of them so the clothes will be just as perfect when the next winter comes for them to wear.

I love to shop when the items are all marked clearance sale or even half price off, not that i only get to save some money, also i get to pick some good deal with good quality. So why should i pay for the original price, if i can pay it less and just have to wait for a little bit while enable for me to have it. I am a very practical shopper, i don't just have to go and run to the store and buy everything that i want even though the price is gonna drown me. I have been a wise shopper ever since and learned even more how to be a good shopper every time i shop with some good quality clothings that are on holiday sales.

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Rox said...

I love to shop every Christmas on clothings especially on gadgets. I am a techie-addict so every time there's a sale I grab for it. Just like my laptop, I bought it with discounts and I saved a lot of money because of sales.
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